Living in Mystic 2 Westerly

The region including Mystic, CT and Westerly, RI goes through a lively transition between seasons, which is typical of the New England region. As the region gradually warms up from winter's cold, spring arrives with flowers blossoming and trees growing. The beach, coastal regions, and outdoor activities are best enjoyed during the warm and frequently humid summer months. As the weather turns cooler, the area becomes famous for its vibrant autumn foliage, which displays a kaleidoscope of reds, oranges, and yellows. In addition to delightful shopping, beautiful architecture, and superb dining, visitors may take a helicopter trip over Narragansett Bay, watch the fall colors by automobile, or even view them from a boat. It may be rather chilly in the winter in this location, but the snow creates a beautiful winter scene, perfect for staying indoors and enjoying some winter sports or taking in the sights.

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